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"I am often plagued by the disturbing question of how it was possible,

in this Colombia that is bleeding and

wavers on the brink of the abyss, that an artist like Álvaro Restrepo, son of our time and of our agonizing circumstance, has managed to create with such certainty

and serenity a work of such quality

and rigor, without ever falling into the anecdotal nor in a sterile preciousness, both temptations common to so many of our artists blindly entrusted to the easy proposals of a talent that renounces reflection and discipline

from the beginning".

Alvaro Mutis

Álvaro Restrepo: Vision and revelation

El Espectador 1992

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  "I feel blessed personally to have experienced such an inspirational day yesterday. Seeing you and hearing you speak about what you have created was fantastic. I am in admiration for what you have done. The entire day was unique... impassioned. What a joy!.. It will create a memory to last forever. Your dancers dance with such energy and passion. Fantastic!"

Jennifer Muller


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... Why call a dance school college of the body? Because it evokes a greater dimension for an institution whose purpose is to treat the body with dignity in a country that does it with violence…, Restrepo said…

Anna Kisselgoff

Latin America brought talent and pain to France

New York Times

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“Álvaro, your work is a confirmation of what Watermill stands for and what I believe in. Thank you for being a part of Watermill and doing what no one else is doing. I am proud to know you.”

Robert Wilson

Watermill Center

“Powerful and disturbing, this work

( Quartet for the End of the Body )

It is not only a remarkable achievement

– it is also a remarkable work. Created -

like the music of Messiaen ( Quartet for the End of Time ) -, in extreme circumstances, it shows that there should not necessarily be concessions between social values and  the artistic ones; in other words, between doing good and do it right."

Sanjoy Roy

Marrying Artistic and Social Agendas Through Dance in Colombia 

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“Leonard is very pleased and touched, he says the work is excellent, he rarely gives such praise. We are ready

to support your work.”

Robert Kory

Manager Leonard Cohen

Flowers for Kazuo Ohno (and Leonard Cohen)

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“I found the entire evening totally one on the New York dance scene uses this kind of imagery...and

so integrated with the range

of movement the dancers executed with such commitment. This may sound like shorthand...but to me, the evening offered a form of Magic Realism.”

Anna Kisselg off

Dance Critic

New York Times

Álvaro Restrepo - Publications in 


Academic Theses

The Role of Artistic Education in the Reinvention of Identity

The Colombian Case:  El Colegio del Cuerpo -The School of the Body -


Marcelo Rueda, BA, MFA


Le Collège du Corps


Angela Losada


When the Body is Oppressed, or MA Project,

Dancing a New Collective Story

(Participatory Research on Communication for Social Change)


Carolina Novella


Discipline & Happiness


Gabriella Windsor


Art in the Construction of a New Political Theology for

Peace,  A theological reading of the El Colegio del Cuerpo de Cartagena


Nilson Jair Castro Laverde SJ


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