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Education with  Dance


Seeds of Talent Stratum 

Convergence space aimed at children and teenagers from vulnerable populations of the city, who study in public schools and live in historical and extreme poverty neighborhoods. Some of them have been victims of forced displacement or sexual abuse and exploitation. El Colegio del Cuerpo has been an oasis where they have discovered their bodies as source of expression, communication, personal overcoming, respect towards human diversity, transcendence, artistic vocation, essential and creative learnings for community life.

Education with Dance Groups

 Children from 7 – 8 years old initiate a process of body sensibility awakening, approximation to the basics of Contemporary Dance language, revelation of creativity and discovery of expression through movement. 
Formation intensity: 3 hours and 30 minutes a week.
The pedagogical process is accomplished during their free time from the academic school schedule including Saturdays, with the support of public and private entities, whose missions converge with the principles of eCdC, contributing to the development of childhood and adolescence, being both, the soil where dreams and hope in the future are revealed and cultivated. Likewise, the generosity of visionary people strengthens the cause by assuming the sponsorship of the kids. 


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Body CON (S) cience


Con(s)cience based on taking care of the body, prevention of risks, biosafety, respect of human diversity and the construction of Peace. 149 children and teenagers from public schools and libraries

of the city participated in the project in 2021.

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Ma*Estro*** Territory


The Japanese notion of MA (pause, interval) was the conceptual axis of the project:
the human body as habitat, as the place where life occurs, also refuge, temple. Besides MA, we introduced the suffix “estro” that means ardent inspiration of the poet or the artist when creating his works”, meaning that the pedagogical act must be also a creative, artistic act… an inspiration. More than being a teacher, the Ma*estro** (the master) must be an inspirer…”

The project was accomplished with the Education District Secretariat of Bogotá, through the Pedagogies Line of Memory, Peace, Reconciliation and Migrations of the Direction of Inclusion and Integration of Populations, with the participation of 118 victim masters of the armed conflict, parents and members of the educational community.

El Colegio del Cuerpo

in the Territory


National impact experience achieved in 5 cities: Barranquilla, Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Cali, Medellín. A total of 7,099 beneficiaries of different ages, socioeconomic and cultural origins participated in the artistic and pedagogical activities: sensibility awakening workshops, formation/creation process for the presentation of the piece The famished road, danced conferences, and performances of Compañía Cuerpo de Indias.


MA Project:

my body, my house


The project was a contribution of El Colegio del Cuerpo to traditional education by including the body in the center of the educational universe. Through the thematic axis: Body Practices, Art Languages and Integral Body Education, fundamental issues for the human development of the children were approached: Anatomy and Physiology,  Identity, Rights and Values, Violences, Sexuality, Health and Nutrition, Addictions and Body Ecology. 3,600 children participated (2007 – 2009), besides 620 (2010 – 2011). The Project was funded by Japan Social Development Fund through the World Bank.