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Education for Dance


Contemporary Studies in Dance

Intensive pre-professional level formation process in Contemporary Dance with emphasis on interpretation, investigation / composition, and pedagogy, aimed at young dancers between 18 and 24 years old, with previous formation or empirical experience in any of the dance genres and from diverse socioeconomic and cultural origins.



Education for Dance Groups


The formation process is aimed to children and teenagers who were initiated within the strategy Education with Dance. They have voluntarily chosen dance according to their talent, vocation, and clairvoyance for a future professional realization path, after they participate in the preprofessional level of Contemporary Studies in Dance. 
Formation intensity: 7 hours a week.


The participants are students at public schools in Cartagena, whose pedagogical process is accomplished during their free time from the academic school schedule including Saturdays, with the support from public and private entities, such as Enel Foundation, among others that have contributed throughout time, as well as from generous donors and benefactors.

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